Generosity – The spirit of giving

The spirit of our generosity is seen in what we are willing to share with others from our personal talents. If we only think about giving or sharing being about money or things, we have missed the greatest joys found in giving of ourselves. Sharing the talents we have, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to us, can bring someone in need just the lift they require.

Think for a few minutes about the talents that you have. Even if you are young, you may be able to read, sing, dance, color that could be shared with a younger sibling, a parent, grandparent, a friend. If you knew someone who was sick, do you have the talent of baking or cooking a special dish that could be shared and appreciated?

Another way of enjoying the talent and generosity of others is to think about those special people in your life that have shared things with us. Instead of taking what they have done for granted, think back to the individual who shared with you how to ride a bike, roller skate, swim, read, dance. All of these were acts of generosity. You may have been on a talented team that helped raise money, or performs a job.

I think back on several events in my life being a part of a team that gave what we had to help others as some of the best memories in my life. Going to Kenya with a team from “Think Kindness” to share with those living in an orphanage. Attending several times work in Greensboro, Alabama with martial artists from around the world rebuilding, renovating and helping individuals and the community. So many hands working together created such joy in the community and within ourselves.

The spirit of generosity whether practiced as an individual, as a family or on a team helps us to give and receive abundantly.

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