Generosity – Sharing the gift of time

All generosity begins with gratitude and knowing there is enough of what we have for everyone. Particularly this is the case with being generous with our time. When we wake up in the morning and have the day ahead of us, this is a gift.   Another day of life, time available to use for living fully. I have to wonder how we will use this time? Will we keep it all to fill our needs and pleasures or will we share our time with others by giving in some manner?
Giving our time to others is sharing what the Universe has blessed us with one more moment. Using our time to benefit those around us by helping with the chores in the house, taking the time to listen to a family member and what they need are ways that we can share our time with others. No matter how we use this time, it begins with an appreciation for the day and time provided to us.
If we are awake for 16 hours a day that is 930 minutes. Can we find a few of those minutes to give to others in service to their needs? If we find ourselves saying we do not have time for something or someone, other needs are more important to us than what we are being asked to contribute. Others, especially our children are learning to determine what is important in life by what we as parents give our time and attention.  They are learning by watching how we respond to them and others.
When we give our time, doing so with 100% attention tells the other person we are invested in serving them. Time is one of our most valuable assets and sharing it with others is an indication of our growth in the virtue of generosity.

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