Be generous with your gratitude

Discussing the topic of generosity without seeing the value of expressing our appreciation for the kindness shown to us would be leaving out one of the best ways of living our best life. So many individuals in our life have been generous with their time, treasures and talents. They have been our parents, teachers, friends. Sometimes they are people we barely know and may include those in the service industries, fellow employees or an employer.

Taking the time each day to recognize these individuals who have impacted our lives helps us to have a positive attitude. It is our way of expressing our gratitude. When we express ourselves using words, we are generous, however when we go a little further with a note, small gift, or some other personal expression of our gratitude the recipient soon realizes the impact they have had on us. It makes both of us feel good about sharing our generosity.

I would like to suggest to all students that you express your appreciation for all that your teachers have done for you. In fact, do not wait until the end of the year to make those expressions. Get in the habit of thanking them on a regular basis. What that requires is that we are aware of the impact they are having and appreciating the growth we see within ourselves.

Express your gratitude early and often. That is generosity from your very soul.

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