Joe Van Deuren Bio

Final-2-287x300Joseph Van Deuren, or “Mr. Joe”, as his students refer to him, established Balanced Life Skills in 2003 to teach self-defense in a global manner and help children and families through education, teaching, coaching, and community service improve the quality of life.  As a parent coach and child advocate, he has helped families bring out the best in their children and themselves using the Five Strategies of the Virtue Project and the experience of Mr. Van Deuren.

Founder’s message

Balanced Life Skills, Founder (2003)

  • Virtues Project Facilitator (retreats & workshops)
  • Parent Coach
  • Keynote Speaker

School programs: (for students & parents)

  • Bully Prevention: What to do if my child is being bullied?
  • Family Engagement Program (Four-week program)
    • The family is a team,
    • Discipline: Not too hard Not too soft!
    • Setting logical consequences,
    • Building resilience in our children
  • Awakening the Gifts of Character (parents & teachers)
  • Kindness:  How to be a good friend
  • Career Day Talks

Adjunct instructor at AACC (TEACH Institute)

  • Parenting class instructor
  • Anger Management instructor
  • Diffusing Aggressive situations
  • Creating a Culture of Peace in the Classroom
  • Motivating Students in School
  • Helping students with anger issues
  • Kids At Hope Schools facilitator
  • Youth Suicide Awareness QPR trainer

Parent & Child Coach / Consultant

  • Member of ICF (International Coaching Federation)