Vision: Action with Vision makes positive difference

How important is it to have a vision of the goal you have set for yourself?   Here is what one person said about this subject, ” Vision without Action is a dream.  Action without Vision is simply passing time.  Action with Vision is making a positive difference.”   Having a vision of where we want to be or what we want to become is really an appeal to better ourselves and possibly influence others to do the same.

The vision we create in our mind will engage all of our senses and will become very real to us and this becomes an assurance that we will reach our goal can be seen and felt by others around us.  Vision can even have an affect on others to help them reach their goals and by creating their own visions.  To be the best at visualizing we must use all of our senses.

If we can imagine it, we will be able to not only see it happening in every detail, we will also be able to feel, hear, smell and taste it too.  Take the time to think about what you would like to see from yourself in both the short term and long term, and on a daily basis create it in your mind as a reality.  Doing so will affect your commitment to your goal.  Seeing it in your mind will make you believe it to be possible.  Believing it will assure you can achieve your goal.

Excellence in Leadership: Vision without procrastination

In the world that we live, our day to day lives are busy beyond belief.  The question that we want to ask ourselves is, “Are we achieving, are we being productive and reaching our goals and vision?”   Recently in teaching the class, Excellence in Leadership, we talked about habits that we have that we would like to change.  One that came up for everyone of the students was –  procrastination.  How do we achieve a productive life without becoming overwhelmed to a point of paralysis?

First we must recognize that activity is not accomplishment.  For many of us we have to do list that is a mile long, and for some of us we get to the end of the day and feel like we did not get anything done on our list.  Here is the suggestion that came out of our discussion that I felt is worth sharing with our community. Continue reading “Excellence in Leadership: Vision without procrastination”

Vision: See, Believe, Achieve

What is your goal for this year, this month or week?  A goal is something that you want to achieve and one of the best ways of making that happen is to first be able to visualize it.  We must be able to see ourselves reaching our goal, know what it is going to feel, smell, taste whatever the senses can bring to the visualization – if we are going to achieve.

As a child I may want to be able to take a test at school and not get overly anxious about it.  To do so I would need to be able to see myself taking the test and getting the answers to the questions.  I may even visualize not knowing the answer and just taking some deep breaths and moving on to the next problem, coming back to it when other parts are complete.  Then I may see the paper coming back to me graded by the teacher with an A on it and a note that say “Great Job” .  I would be smiling and very proud of my efforts and cannot wait to get home to show mom and dad.

Visualization works for everyone, from athletes to business persons and school children.  It allows us to live the moment in a safe environment and to see the outcome.  “When we can see it, we can believe it.  When we can believe it, we can achieve it!”

Vision: Bully Prevention in our schools

Here we are at the beginning of the new year and like many individuals we shall reflect on the year and what sort of goals we would like to reach this year.  For many it will be dealing with health, family, vacations, or business.  I have talked before about one of my own goals in the community and that is, dealing with the subject of bullying for students in school.

Our word of the month in January is VISION and having a vision of what you want to accomplish and what it will look like when it is done is a major step in reaching your goal.  So what does this vision look like?

I see students learning specifically what is a bully, how to use their words to deflect bullying, and I see students teaching younger students about the same.  I also see our website as a wealth of information for teachers and parents and what they can do to intervene when these situations come up.  I will be sharing resources that will educate and encourage all of us to meet this head on.

Can you picture in your mind our students having the courage to stand up to those that would pick on others or those that exclude others.  It is a mindset that we can set the example for and help our students see the value in practicing.  Our students can be heroes in their own school by stepping up to this challenge.

Our success in this goal, in our vision, is tied to our community working together.   We know WHY we want to do this, it is for the safe education of our children and now we must work on the HOW by developing specific actions and deadlines.  If you are interested in helping with defining this in our community please feel free to talk to me about this goal.   If your child has ever been bullied you understand the importance of this goal.

Vision: Definition

Each month we define and discuss a word of character development with all of our students.

This month the word is Vision and will be defined this way.

Young students: Vision means: I can see my goals!  (in my imagination)

Older students: Vision means to clearly imagine my goals as if I’ve already achieved them.

Here are the worksheets for our students:

Vision Tiger Tot worksheet Vision 5/6 worksheet Vision 7-12 worksheet Vision Adult / Teens worksheet

If you would like to see how we will deal with this subject with our students please follow our discussions here during the month of January or come in and try a class.

Friendship: Manipulation is not acceptable

Here is the story of two individuals that were “friends”.  Their story line goes like this:

When we first met it was like she saw into me soul, I could say anything and everything thing to her we just clicked and it was just amazing!

After some time she started becoming really negative and forceful, she made me feel bad for certain ways I would feel towards the friendship.

Then she would constantly put me down in front of others and shut down my thoughts so she would be the main point of my life and nothing else.

Then I started constantly feeling unworthy of her friendship.

In our conversations she would always tell me how much she liked the friendship of others, making me think that I was a second rate friend.

I stopped talking to her at one stage and she apologized for what she was doing, but then a few weeks later she started acting the same and would put all her problems on me and make me feel bad.

Have you ever experienced this happen in a friendship?  Do you recognize yourself on either side of this description?  When things like this starts to happen in a friendship it is not a good sign.  In fact one of the parties is manipulating the other and this can lead to real damage being done.  There are three different kind of manipulators, those who need to be needed, wants to be in charge or wants to be pitied and manipulates by appearing to be weak.

Anytime manipulation is involve some one gets hurt.  Manipulation can be seen as early in life as in pre-school and the damage begins to take affect immediately.  It can lead to the victims being bully victims later in school and eventually into being victims of abuse in dating or marriage.  Here is a list of signs of manipulation or an abusive relationship.  This may be in a boy / girl dating relationship, marriage or in a friendship at school, the principles are all the same.

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