The Character of Leadership

Brady - ZoeOur conversation this month on Leadership started with asking the students, What is a leader? There were many comments, but all ended that the person had to be honest and “nice” to others. Obviously a leader has to be someone that others want to follow, but why? Why are people willing to follow another person? People are willing to follow others if the leader has a vision or a goal and then is able to make good choices and set a great example.

Leaders have a very strong vision, yet they are willing to listen to the ideas of others, to be fair with others. Their character and values are very high. They are not in their position because they are bossy, but rather because they know how to listen and implement good ideas from others. Everyone’s ideas are important.

Most importantly and the Balanced Life Skills Way, is for leaders to ask, “How can I help you?”. When they can ask that question and then perform by doing something for them, they are in a position to inspire others to action.

One BLS Student this past week collected 4 bags and boxes of shoes for our BLS Shoe Drive this fall. They did it with leadership and the strong desire to help others. Our students are all learning to be compassionate, have awareness and respect for others.  If you want to help here is a flier you can use to collect from your neighborhood.

Shoe Drive Neighborhood Flier