Procrastination Can Stall Determination

Teaching Children Life SkillsDetermined people do not get into habit of blaming others for what does not go the way they would like them to or when they do not get what they want. When we have a goal in mind we can get very frustrated when what we expect to happen fails to happen, but determined people do not say, “I can’t”, or make excuses. Rather they put their frustrations aside and GO FOR IT!

One of the most common reasons individuals do not get to their goals is not just frustration but rather PROCRASTINATION. When you procrastinate you put off until a later time or date to do what you could have do or maybe should have done today. Why do we procrastinate?

Sometimes because we want to do something else more fun at the time, or we are afraid of failing and so we wait. On the other side of that question though is that we may be afraid of being successful. “If I do well then there will be more expectations of me.” Or fear of being overwhelmed with new responsibilities that will come about due to success. One more reason some procrastinate is a strong desire for everything to be perfect and that actually causes paralysis to set in and nothing gets done.

On our Balanced Life Skills Student website we set out seven steps to reaching your goals – not procrastinating – but actually getting things done, in a determined way.