Three things determined people say to themselves

Teaching Children Life SkillsHave you ever felt determined to do something or achieve a certain goal? If you have or if you have seen your child with that kind of determination then you know that it is not just in your head, but you can actually feel it in your body. Sometimes it is described as ‘fire in your belly’, or as a ‘hunger’ to accomplish the goal.

Not everyone has that kind of drive, in fact on a regular basis we have students brought to Balanced Life Skills and we are told that they just seem to not be interested in anything. Being determined and feeling that sort of drive is very invigorating and certainly makes you want to get up in the morning. It has been found that those that accomplish things in life generally have this quality of determination.

This month we will discuss determination and see how we can develop that characteristic in ourselves and help our children find goals to practice this “not giving up” attitude that leads to successfully achieving your goal. In the video below you will see the three things that we told our students about determined people and what they say to themselves.