Teaching character and life skills to students

Today we asked in regard to loyalty – What if some one was being mean to another student?  What would you do?  Virtually all students said they would ask them to stop, take the target away from the mean person or tell a teacher.  Unfortunately research shows that not to be true.  Most children will internalize the event and be very concerned about being the next target.
Loyalty to your friend is difficult during a time like this.  If we talk to our children about loyalty, and role play with them what they could do, or be comfortable doing they will be more likely to be able to muster the courage to stand up for their friend.
The most important thing they can do though is to stand with or stick with their friend – not abandoning them when others are being mean.  Just saying to their friend, I am still your friend, I believe in you, lets go sit over here and eat with these friends will help the target not feel so ostracized.

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