BLS families take part in the suicide prevention walk

Early on Saturday morning we met on Rowe Blvd. Balanced Life Skills had been invited to have a table at the event as it was felt that the type of program that we teach would have a positive impact on the life of those who are a part of our program.  What a privilege! 

I was personally moved as I met so many who had lost loved ones to this tragedy.  So many shared with me their own stories, and as I heard them I am even more convinced that we must take steps to be sure that we learn to recognize the warning signs, what increases the risks, and how we can help.

In addition what can we do to help our children to know how to deal with the stresses that they feel.  When they feel the stress what should they do and they need to feel the confidence to be able to speak to others about their feelings.

Our Balanced Life Skills team so far has raised over $800 for the awareness campaign.  In addition I personally have made a commitment to create some teaching tools for our young students.  I will be enlisting the help of professionals in the community.  I am looking for assistance from anyone in our BLS community who would like to help with this project.  In the meantime enjoy a couple of pictures of the event and some of those who joined on our walk.

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