Courtesy – first impressions

When I think about the individuals who have made a great impression on me it is always the ones that really engage me when we are speaking or who when we first met, looked me in the eye and and were there when we were speaking.  Have you ever noticed that the persons we are drawn too are courteous individuals who make us feel comfortable to speak to – the ones who are truly interested in our story.

This is a wonderful quality to teach our children, first by example and then with some instruction.  The instruction would include the words that make up good manners and how to use them, how to be a good listener, and the simple courtesy’s we show for people. Reflect for a moment on the people in your life that are considerate or thoughtful of your feelings and are interested in your thoughts.  How does that affect you?  For me I am drawn to those individuals and more willing to open up to them, even about more private matters. All of us are so interrelated in this world, many times more than we realize.  Our courteous actions and attitude will go a long way to bringing more peace in our world.

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