Courtesy – teaching manners

This month we have been talking about courtesy and how manners plays into showing respect and politeness to others, thinking about their feelings. Emily post once said that, “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.” Now if we are able to teach that concept to our children, it will not matter which fork they use at the dinner table.

Manners are not just old school customs that are old fashioned. Whether it is on the phone or sitting at the dinner table there are ways of showing that awareness. At each age children will be able to acquire new skills, but it will not happen on their own. They must be taught and they must be able to see them in action. Make a list of the table manners you would like to see your child practice at some point in their life and one for the phone. Then check off the ones that they practice already, then choose one every couple of weeks to focus on. Take your time – they will get it. If you would like our list just send me an email and we will provide you with our list that you can work off of.

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