Teamwork responsibilities

Being on a team brings with it certain responsibilities. We have the responsibility to carry out our assignments and to do the best we can with them. There may be times that we do not enjoy doing the assignment we have, but we do them because it will help the team. This may happen at home with chores we have agreed to perform, or in school on a project that we are working on a team. If everyone only did what they wanted to do or liked to do, it is likely that our goals would not be met. In fact we may have to compromise at times and agree to do what is best for the team. However there may be times when we should not go along with the team.

Let’s say the team we are on is cheating or lying or maybe not being nice to someone. This can happen in a family, at school or at work. Should we just go along or could we demonstrate leadership skills and step up and speak out about something that you believe is wrong? By using our leadership skills and tact, we may be able to steer the team back on a course that follows good values and allows the team to be a winning team again. Remember that a winning team may not always score more points. They could even lose on the scoreboard. But if they play full out and do there best, have fun and create good relationships with each other – they have won in many other ways than the score.

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