Setting a goal

An exercise in goal setting:

  • Write down a goal for yourself that you feel that you really want to achieve in the next year.  Be sure it is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.
  • Follow this with the reason you feel that you must reach this goal.  Why do you want this?  What is the pleasure you will receive from attaining the goal?
  • Finally write down 2 things that you can do right now to reach your goal.  Take action.  Then follow up by reviewing your goal and actions to be sure you are working toward that goal everyday.

When life brings you lemons, make art!

It is always important to keep life in perspective when events sometimes seem like they are playing against us. No one has a life where everything goes our way. And if it did, how boring would that be!?!? Regardless though, the best we can do is take things as they come and make the best of them. Whenever something bad seems to happen to me, I always ask myself “what would i tell my students or someone else?”
In this case, it has been a pleasure to see so many good things come around over the past few weeks. One of them being this past weeks art show. This is the second year of this (hopefully) annual event and this years went well beyond expectations. The two young individuals responsible for this event are our very own Jackson, and his sister Ella. Jackson and his family are soon moving out of Maryland to take on new challenges and experiences. Jackson has been with us for nearly three years and it has been a joy of ours to see the progression he has made over that time. His family has always been a supporting foundation of our school as far as their support for what we stand for and what we are doing. While we will continue to build on this relationship, and hopefully train with Jackson in the future, we still wanted to put something together to show him and his family how much we appreciate their support over these pat years.

~Mr. Doug