The practice of loyalty is shown in multiple ways

The virtue of loyalty is appreciated by all and is shown in so many different ways. We can show devotion to a friend by keeping our promises and commitments. If we promise to spend time with them, we maintain that commitment. Reliability does not always need a spoken promise. If we are friends, there is an unspoken expectation that we will spend time on a regular basis with each other, sharing stories, experiences, and thoughts. We would treat each other the same way no matter who may be present in the group of friends. We would not be one way when alone and another when we are with other people.

Loyalty to a team has specific requirements that may be spoken or may be expected even in a volunteer capacity. We would support the team by showing up for games, practices, meetings and other organized events if at all possible. Raising money and different supportive ways to help keep the mission of the team going strong is loyalty. The same would be true whether it is a sports team, community civics group, or a group supporting a cause that we would like to help.

Loyalty would also be a factor for an owner of a pet. We show dedication to our responsibility and promise we have made to care for this animal in a manner that would keep them healthy, safe and happy. Just because the pet doesn’t complain or stop giving us their love and attention is not an excuse to forget our responsibility to care for them.

On a much larger scale, each of us has the opportunity to show loyalty to the Universe, the environment and humans across the world by the way we care for the earth. When we are sensitive to not littering, the quality of the air and water and the ways we can contribute to the environment, we are showing loyalty to a much higher cause.

Each day the choices we make show our commitment to the virtue of loyalty by the way we maintain integrity in our relationships and causes. Doing what we say and standing up for what is right and best for all is the practice of loyalty.

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