Confidence comes from taking risks and trying new things

If you want to get the most out of life and feel like you are living life at it’s highest level you must do things that are challenging. That is not the same as goal setting and reaching your destination. Challenges are activities that take us beyond the boundaries of what we believe we are capable of or of our present abilities. When we get away from the distractions of our mundane life that keep us busy with all the everyday activities and stop procrastinating on the things we do not like to do, our stress levels go down. If you want to put more energy in your life and really get your brain and body moving, choose challenges that get us focused on an effort that really stretches us.


At that point what we need is Confidence. Think about our children who are constantly challenged as they learn new activities, skills, even ways of being with other people. It is the conquering of those challenges that builds their confidence that they will be able to figure other things out also. Even when they do not know how to do something or are afraid of trying something, they will be able to look for and find their confidence to attempt and say YES I can work on this task.


The same is true with adults or anyone. If we want to build more confidence we must stretch ourselves into activities, use our courage to move forward and say with a loud clear voice, “I can do it”.

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