Teaching children the value of meeting new people

Meeting new people for some adults or children can be an anxious moment. Teaching them to meet others with confidence and open to learning about a new person will have a positive effect on them for life. It is said that when we meet someone that both of us decide if we are equal to, less than or greater than the other person. Can you imagine being judged that quickly? It is important for us to put forth our best in the very beginning.

In addition to teaching a child how to introduce themselves with a good handshake, standing up straight and tall, looking the person in the eye we need to help them be open-minded about the person they are meeting. What a shame it would be if we were to fall into the trap of prejudging a person based on what they look like or what we think they may be able to do for us?  In fact, being unwilling to have a conversation with a person that may see the world from a different viewpoint inhibits our personal growth.

Opening our minds up to meeting new people, talking with them, learning from them and experiencing their friendship makes us a complete person. When we are open to the culture and diverse groups that surround us, we become richer as a person, and we can enjoy life to a greater degree. It creates the possibility of peaceful connections, as all individuals across the globe and in all neighborhoods desire to be treated with dignity and have a connection with others.

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