Doing our part in an inter-dependent world

When we recognize the inter-dependance of all humans, we see the importance of being dependable. In a family, each member plays a different role and their filling that role, completing the tasks and living up to their responsibilities helps everyone in the household live a better life. In schools the same is true. When students can be depended on to bring their best efforts and attitude, teachers come prepared, and administrators provide leadership and a culture of peace – students learn the lessons of the day.

In our communities, we depend on others to do their part so all of us live better than we could if we had to depend only on ourselves. I often imagine as I am taking the trash out to the curb what I would do if this were wholly my responsibility. What would I do? Still, I am depended on to place recyclables in the proper container and bins in a place for those who serve the public in this manner can reach them quickly.

The world we live in is becoming more inter-dependent also. When we are dependable, we live up to our commitments. With all of this in mind, wouldn’t it be helpful if all of us committed to speaking more peacefully, with tact and respect? We depend on each other to live our best lives, so we must find a way to commit to peacefulness with each other.

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