Melt frustrations, train yourself to focus

Focus your eyes. Focus your mind. Focus your body, too. It is easy to be distracted by what is happening around us or the things we would rather be doing. But when we have a job, assignment or goal that needs completion, a focus is our best friend.

  • Focus your eyes. Sometimes it is like we need to put blinders on so we do not see what is happening around us. We may need to find a place that is more quiet or serene for us to get our work completed.
  • Focus your mind. Take some deep breaths, tell yourself “no” to those other things that are more fun until you are done with your task. Work on one item at a time. Set a timer so you have a goal to complete one item in a given amount of time.
  • Focus your body. If we are in a daydream position, it is likely we will daydream. When our body is in a position of attention, it is easier to be attentive. In the martial arts we call it our “ready stance.” We are ready to work or learn.

Our goals can be met if we focus on the small steps that lead to success. When we do not train ourselves to be focused, frustration sets in along with the fear of not succeeding. Self-discipline will help us focus. Start in small ways and see the frustration melt away.

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