Thoughts = Feelings = Attitude

With each of us having 60,000 thoughts each day, about what do you spend your time thinking? On what do you focus? Do you focus on your dreams and goals or are your thoughts drawn toward your fears and worries? Do you feel angry much of the time or do you doubt what you can accomplish?

Have you ever noticed that when you smile at someone they almost always smile back?  They simply cannot help it, even if they are not sure why you are smiling. What we put out into the Universe is what comes back to us. The same applies to our thoughts. If we fill ourselves with positive thoughts, we always get positive feelings back. When negative thoughts go out negative emotions, come back.

If we are not sure if we have negative thoughts, then just ask yourself how you are feeling. Your feelings give you immediate feedback on the type of thoughts you are choosing.

Negative thoughts = Negative feelings = Negative experiences

It is easy for us to get caught up in a pattern of negative thoughts as we have not only our personal self-talk but many say that our children hear seven times as many negative thoughts as they do positive ones about themselves. No wonder our kids experience anxiety, anger, disappointment and confusion.

Consider what you say to yourself and your children. Negative thoughts become habitual, like a video or recording playing over and over again in the mind, until we never question them. If we do not question them, it is impossible to change the results. The cure is to notice your thoughts, question if they are true, replace them with positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts = Positive feelings = Positive attitude.

When surrounded by positive attitudes, we all experience more peaceful feelings. I will be offering an Introduction to Speaking the Language of the Virtues in the coming months. Please look to attend, as there is no better way to awaken the positive gifts of character in each of us.

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