Teaching children charity is not just about money!

What talents do you have that may be helpful to others? What are you good at that might be used to help someone in need?  If our child thinks that the way to provide for others is simply to write a check or to give money, they may be missing out on an opportunity to use their talents to provide a service and achieve a great feeling about doing so.

Imagine if a young person without income enjoyed performing – singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or could demonstrate self-defense skills – they may choose to entertain those who are unable to get out like they did when they were young. Maybe their talent is cooking, and they made a meal for a senior, the joy they would bring to others and themselves.

When a young person has a skill that they can share it builds their confidence, helps others in need and starts them on the path of serving others – even without spending money. In fact, they may raise money with their talent for unique situations, like an area hit with severe weather or a family who has been displaced due to fire.

Helping our children see that it is not just about money when serving others will prepare them to look for ways that they can help others. We can even start them off thinking about what issue or problem would they like to solve or be a part of solving?  When we help them to see the needs of others and how they could impact them with a good deed we are teaching them about charity, volunteering, and service above self.

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