Patience – Is the world waiting or are we waiting?

Sometimes I have to practice patience by waiting for the world to catch up to me. Sometimes I have to practice patience by waiting for me to catch up to the world. Either way, I must practice patience with the right attitude, without complaining.


In our world today, we have grown accustomed to having everything fast. Unfortunately, we have also learned to say and do what we want to, without having to wait. We have unlearned slowing down and allowing things to happen in there proper time.


This month we will be discussing the virtue of patience. Not just how to show patience, rather how to be patient. While the behaviors are the first steps, being rather than just doing is the growth we want from white belt to black belt.


Are we willing to allow life to take its course? Are we able to care for ourselves in a manner that allows development to find it’s natural way? What would it be like to listen to others so that we see the entire picture? How can we find our way out of the childish, self-centered attitude to maturity where we respect others around us and their opinions?


We will look at some of these questions this month.  In the meantime, consider patience in your personal life. What creates the anxiety and stress you feel when you recognize you are losing your patience or when your children are doing so?  What could you do to relieve that stress? What virtue would help to balance your life?

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