Showing we value our friends

Having friends is very valuable to each of us.  It is funny how people who are the same in some ways can be so different in many other ways.  We are attracted to those that we have mutual interest – but then it grows deeper when we see there is a two way street of care, respect and trust.  We are able to attract friends by what we are willing to give to the relationship.


We are willing to share our time, attention, love and our whole self.  There are times when we have these close bonds with others that they will come to us because of a need.  Maybe they need a listening ear or help with a problem.  What would you do if your friend was being targeted by an aggressor and making her/him feel bad or worse?  Would you be able to help them?
What if the problem your friend had was dealing with an eating disorder or they were involved in something that was harmful to them.  Would you be there for them?  Friendship is powerful!  All of us want to be that great friend and express our gratitude for the friendship of others.

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