3 step compliments to build dignity in others

Putting people down is not the way of making them feel like they matter or that they deserve care and attention.  Every single one of us has strengths and gifts that we are able to share with the world.  If we take the time to see those gifts in others we will find ways of treating them with dignity.


One way of building others up is by giving compliments.  What are the strengths that your family members have?  Does your brother or sister have a gift of writing well or are they athletic?  Does mom or dad cook special meals or paint pictures that are beautiful?  Are you impressed with the compassion, empathy, friendliness of someone in your family?  Or do some show perseverance, determination, or helpfulness in special ways?


If we take the time we will see the value in anyone that we meet and we can compliment them in a manner that will encourage them to continue and improve.  Here is a simple formula for complimenting another person.


Start with:  I appreciate, honor, celebrate your

Name the gift:  determination, cooking, helpfulness

Name the behavior:  when you bring in the groceries…..
Look for those moments when you can compliment and soon you will find that others will give you the dignity you deserve and see you as a valuable friend.

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