The What, Will, Won’t of Discipline


Discipline is about getting things done in an orderly and efficient way.  There are so many distractions that can look so good to us, both as an adult and a child, that puts up obstacles to completing what we really would like to accomplish.  Here is a simple way to remind our children and ourselves to stay on task.  We call it the 3 W’s.  Ask yourself the following –

What – What is our goal?  What do we want to accomplish or learn

Will – What will you do or do you need to do to reach your goal?

Won’t – What are you determined to not do so that you can stay on task?

Here is an example that you can use with a student:

What:  I want to earn an A in my math class

Will:  I will ask for help when needed, do extra practice homework, increase my efforts at studying

Won’t:  I won’t give up trying, get distracted by having the TV on while doing homework

Now you have a plan to stay disciplined for your goal of earning an A in your math class.  Try this with any goal, including family goals.  The family may have a goal of a special trip or another special activity.  Let everyone state what they will and won’t need to do so that the goal comes true for the family.

Discipline can be made fun for all and become a life long way of accomplishing goals.

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