The Perseverance Circle to Success

All of us would agree that to achieve a high level of success in any worthwhile goal requires that we stick with it and persevere.  Perseverance can be difficult as we have discussed before, many obstacles can get in our way.  However the Perseverance Circle shows the importance both of support from others and our own actions.

Perseverance CircleLets say we have decided to take up a new activity, or we have found a cause that we feel strongly about.  We get started learning a new skill, or we want to find a way to cure a disease.  At first we are excited and put a lot of energy into the activity.  We may make some progress, when support comes and encourages us to continue.

As we continue we gain more knowledge and take more action by practicing our new skill.  The more action we take the better our skills become.  The better our skills become the more passionate we are and the more we want to learn and to do better.

The more we learn the more we take action and practice.  The more practice, our skills and passion grow from these new found skills.  The circle is in motion, and with the support of friends and family every step of the way (knowledge, action, skills, passion) our perseverance pays off in success.  Your personal success may be found in your home and family relationships, in your job or education, in a hobby that we have or in a service to your community.  No matter where it is, it is likely that you had great support along the way and you stuck with it long enough to be good or even great at your new found skill.

One final note on skills and passion for young adults (or even older folks).   We hear people talk about what they will do for a career when they grow up and some will tell them to follow their passion.  Then of course we might say I am not passionate about anything.  If you have ever felt that way, start something that you can develop skills in and the better you get at the activity – your passion will grow and you may have just found a skill that may lead you to a career.  But only if you have perseverance.