How to help a child with aggressive behavior

FightingChildrenWhether our child has been identified as a bully or we are simply worried that their behavior is aggressive and we would like them to find other ways of expressing themselves we should be aware that there may be a number of reasons for aggressive behavior to start happening when we have not seen it before.

  • Are they looking for social status or power in their group
  • A natural temperament that needs some adult regulation
  • Are they going along with others or copying what others are doing
  • Are they being bullied by others and trying to be pro-active to stop the attacks

Once we have determined how they are feeling, we can help them come up with other strategies that do not include either physical, social or verbal bullying.  How else can they show leadership or social status?  Can we give them our own experience or get the schools counselor to help with the process?
Our commitment as parents to helping them find healthy ways to resolve conflict and to stop bullying others will be a boost to their own confidence.  Share the plan with teachers and administrators so everyone in the students life can be a part of implementing the plan you and your child have come up with.