Keep your goals in mind – reduce stress

carrying-a-load-of-stressReduce stress – reduce feelings of stress that result in anger.  Here is another tip in reducing stress.  Know what your mission is – what your goal is – where you are wanting to go and why.  If someone is having an argument with a friend and your goal is to be able to stay friends, you may want to find a way to make peace with them.  You may find a way to compromise, even changing the things that you do that might be annoying to the other person.  This may require looking at the situation from the other persons point of view.

It is very easy for all of us to get so tied up with “life” or “day to day” activities that we forget the beg picture.  The big picture view though will help us to cope with what is seeming to be stressful.  While all of us have different kind of goals – it is important that we do the following:

  • Decide what our goals are for any given situation or acquaintance.
  • Don’t get locked into any one path.  Look at situations with the “what if I tried this” attitude.
  • Be open-minded to possibilities to unlock solutions you have not thought of before.

Knowing what you want and deciding how you can reach them, you may find yourself ignoring distractions more and feeling less stressed.  A psychologist once said, “When you are waist deep in alligators, it is hard to recall your original reason for wanting to drain the swamp.”  When you know your end goal – you may learn to expect to see “alligators” and with the expectation will come less stress.