How to be a respectful community member

Toyota-Way-SmallWhat steps have you taken to show respect for your community and even the environment?  Each of us after many years have learned that showing respect for the environment begins with the 3 R’s Re-use, Reduce waste and Recycle.  Our environment is just that – our environment.  It is not just the responsibility of others to care for the health of the earth.  It is our responsibility to do our small part to contribute to the bigger picture.  This is not just a one time on Earth Day project that we take on.  It is an everyday responsibility.  

Simple things like not throwing trash on the ground to staying on walkway paths all show respect for the efforts of others and ourselves.  Are we wasteful with our food or belongings or do we show respect for the earth by finding ways to reuse items or at best to reduce our consumption.  For most of us living in the American society, our consumption outweighs most of the world many times over.  Could we reduce?

Showing respect for our community also is shown by being a part of the community, helping to resolve problems and make our community a better place.  One way would be by taking part in the conversation – not just sitting back seeing what happens and complaining about how bad things are.  Speaking up, taking part in the election process and doing so in a respectful manner – listening to others, understanding where they are coming from and finding ways to compromise and work together to make our world a better place.  There may be times that we have to make changes in our self, recognize where we are mistaken and acknowledge our mistakes.  Taking these steps make us a valuable part of our community and when we are valued by others – respectful behavior is soon to follow.  Showing respect to each other is a great beginning step in creating a culture of peace in our family, schools, community and the world.