Actions that show respect

respect loopDemonstrating respect by our actions or behavior is an important part of learning about respect.  Sometimes the mere repeated action of using a ‘manner’ that are acceptable in the society you live in, help to create a better attitude and way of treating others.  What are some the “acts” that we will demonstrate and teach to our children that look like respect?  Here is just one.

Helping others – When we help others it shows that they matter.  It may be by assisting with dinner prep, putting our clothes in the correct place, or carrying the groceries in.  In school we turn our assignments in on time and they are neat and legible.  It may be that our teacher would like us to clean up the room after an activity.  In our classes at Balanced Life Skills, helping others may be as simple as not talking while instruction is being given to actually helping others learn how to do a new skill.  When we help others we are showing that they and their time are important.  We show that the other persons needs and even their wants are important.

Demonstrating ‘helping others’ in our own life and encouraging doing the same with our children sets a culture, an expectation, that our children will see is a part of being in the family, school or community.  Life is not just about ourselves.  Seeing the needs of others and then helping them to the best of our ability is what “we do” as a family or school or community.  When we put that into action, when we feel that returned to us – respect is being cultivated.

Are there other actions you can think of that you think of when you think of respect?  What other actions show that you care?