4 attacks from inside that keep us from persisting

PerseveranceThe difference between persistence and perseverance is generally speaking persistence calls for strength and endurance from those things that attack us from within ourselves while perseverance calls for strength and endurance from attacks that come from outside ourselves.  What gets in the way of our persistence?  We will name 4 internal things that get in the way of our reaching our goals that happen to everyone – it is how we deal with it that makes the difference.

The number one hindrance to persistence – FEAR.  Fear of failing, not being smart enough, success and the responsibilities that would bring, disappointing, embarrassment, change.

The number two hindrance to persistence – OVERWHELM.  Too many goals, things to do, requests for our time, projects.  Our focus is spread too thin and procrastination sets in.

The number three hindrance to persistence – CHARACTER (our own).  Lacking in self control, discipline, ficus, enthusiasm, imagination, initiative, cooperation.

The number four hindrance to persistence – PEER PRESSURE.  Others telling us we should relax more, play more, not to work so hard, or that it is not worth the time and effort we are putting into the goal.

Our first step in learning persistent actions is understanding our strongest enemy – what is happening inside ourselves.  Awareness of what makes us give up on a goal is the first step in taking action.  Look for our description on how each of these can affect our reaching our goals.