Am I doing or am I being kind?

kindness-quote-2I simply cannot get this thought of kindness out of my head. We spent the month talking about “doing” acts of kindness, how we could show kindness to pets, siblings, parents, teachers – even to ourselves, in so many ways. But the thought that keeps coming to me is, We would not have to talk about “doing” if we were just “being” kind.

The question that keeps coming up to me is it possible that we use “doing” as a way of showing what we have produced, or how important we are, or how good we are. What about someone who is unable to “do” – due to physical limitations, restricted to a wheelchair or bed, paralyzed, maybe without speech?  Could it be that more important than what others see us do, is what we give others in “who we are”, our “being”?

What would happen if instead of trying to prove how kind we are by our “doing”, we were productive and effective by relaxing and allowed our kindness that is a part of each of us just “be”?  How is this implemented? What is the difference of doing and being kind?

kindness teresaAnyone can do an act that is perceived as kindness. Being requires that we develop empathy and compassion. Being is understanding what someone is saying and not saying and getting them as a person. Being kind is about an awareness of our thoughts and actions and the affect that they have on others. Being kind is not just doing kind acts toward others but is truly about becoming that person on a very deep level.


Has anyone else thought about the difference of being and doing or struggled with themselves, asking am I doing or am I being?