Intention – The first step to creating peace

My personal mission is to “Teach Peace”. Balanced Life Skills is a martial arts school and education center with the goal of creating a culture of peace through the martial arts. When I express that goal to some – it comes with a look of disbelief, and a lot of reasons why we “can’t do that”. In fact that is an automatic response. Very few individuals or organizations believe that there is the possibility of peace in our world today.

However I would ask everyone in lieu of giving all the reasons that we “can’t” – to answer the question, “How can we?” History is filled with situations that many have responded automatically with a long list of reasons of “why we can’t!” But it wasn’t that long ago when the personal computer, internet, video Skype calls or even cell phones were considered not possible.

It seems though that humans put a great deal of effort into creating things, and much less effort into such an “impossible task” like creating a culture of peace. While we have been able to help individuals, doing so on a large scale does seem daunting. I however refuse to believe that it “can’t be done”. The question really should be ‘how can we’ and ‘when will we’?

We cannot expect to see peace in the world when most of mankind is not at peace with themselves. So peace with oneself is the first step for every person. To accomplish that, our personal first step is:


Intention for ourselves and if we have a family, for our family also – this is a great place to start. We will continue to examine creating a culture of peace in future posts here at Balanced Life Skills.