See how BLS girls Kick It!

Kick It group picDuring our first Kick It! workshop, we focused on martial arts, positive role models, and creating a mission statement! What is a mission statement? It’s a poem, quote, phrase, paragraph, or any form of an inspirational statement, that serves as the road map for your life

It’s based on your values, purpose, and how you will apply those qualities to your life. Why make one? A mission statement guides you while making decisions so you can feel good about them later.  In addition to making a personal mission statement to guide decisions and actions, we encourage you as a family to create a statement for your household! Together, we created this Kick It! mission statement:

We are a team of girls who are respectful, fun, energetic, and determined. We will motivate and support our friends, family, school, and community.
During the workshop, we empowered girls with the confidence and ability… to BREAK WOODEN BOARDS. But before the girls were invited to strike the boards in half with their hands, we talked about role models.
Who are good role models? What are characteristics of a good role model? Who can you be a role model for? How can you be a good role model?
Whether we realize it or not, we are always teaching through our words and actions. As human beings building a community together, we have a responsibility to model the appropriate traits and behaviors we would like our children, friends, colleagues, and family members to demonstrate. Someone is always learning from what we do! So really, how can you be a good role model?

Rachel break

Then the girls started breaking boards! Everyone did so well! We handed out markers and let the girls socialize while signing each other’s boards to commemorate the “break through” event!
It was a very inspirational evening with a fantastic group of girls! Each one had such good ideas and input for our mission statement! And they each agreed to the challenge of being good role models as Kick It! members.
To fulfill our duty to “motivate and support our friends, family, school, and community,” Kick It! will continue to meet once a month from 4:30 – 5:30.During this time each month, we will learn martial arts, develop and extend friendships, learn social and emotional skills, and create an annual community service project as a team.
We hope to see everyone back on Friday, March 21 from 4:30 – 5:30 pm for the next Kick It! session. Food will not be provided for this hour-long event, and we recommend that the girls bring water bottles in addition to being comfortably dressed! Registration for each event is required!
Please contact me at 410-263-0050 or to register, pay, ask questions, or make comments! I’d love to hear from you!