Success is a journey; Have patience with yourself!

Lee_Bruce_002.jpgIn the words of Bruce Lee: “Remember, success is a journey, not a destination. Have faith in your ability. You will do just fine.”

Having faith in your ability is the same as self esteem. Having faith in your ability will also allow you to have patience with yourself, as you know you will reach your goal, even if it is not at the time that you wished for. When the destination becomes more important than the journey,  stress levels increase and our happiness decreases. In fact even when we meet our destination our happiness for reaching the goal is very short lived.

This awareness helps us to define success in another way – other than reaching a destination. Success is knowing that we have done our best. Success is know that we have put forth the effort required to be all we are capable of becoming. There is no time limit on giving our best effort.

Success is a journey into our own peace of mind; a faith in our own abilities – not compared to others, but rather to our own efforts. Having this frame of mind will bring us happiness with ourselves and our relationships.

We will do just fine.