Peace is Possible

peacePeace is the “cultivation of understanding, insight and compassion, combined with action. Peace is the practice of mindfulness, the practice of being aware of our thoughts, our actions, and the consequences of our actions.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

Creating peace in our home is not just a matter of there not being fights amongst the siblings, or the parents or the butting of heads between parents and children. It is not the stopping of conflict or arguing. Peace is cultivated with the awareness of our thoughts, speech and actions and the affect it has or may have on others.

Imagine living with those that thought about the effect of their words and actions on everyone else in the family. Imagine when everyone in the family respects the space of others, and follows the golden rule of doing to others as you would have them do to you. Imagine the another side of that rule – doing to others as they would have you do to them. Imagine the good feelings from being aware of the things that trigger bad feelings or of seeing the need for pitching in to help all in the family.

This is the awareness that is required to create a culture of peace. This is the Balanced Life Skills Way.