Life Skills: Honesty is taking responsibility for our actions

wpid-HONESTY-1751All of us know that honesty is one of the qualities that we look for in our friends, work associates and close relationships.  In fact it is a factor that is measured in those that run for political office and yet I cannot imagine anyone that I know that has not at some time not told the truth about something or withheld information that would have completed the story.

Why do we choose not to tell the truth?  Generally it is to make ourselves look better than we are, to stay out of trouble, or to get what we want.  For us adults we can look back at others or maybe even ourselves and see an example of a lie that has destroyed a relationship or trust.

With children they may lie because of fear their parents will be angry with them, that their friends may make fun of them, or to make others think of them in a special way (typically as cool, smart, rich).  But when we turn it around and ask ourselves how we would feel if a friend did not tell us the truth, we all know that we would question them and their trustworthiness.

It is a funny thing how willing we are to see others telling lies as somewhat different than ourselves.  Learning to take responsibility for our actions and to tell the truth is the Balanced Life Skill Way.