Why We Are Learning Great Manners at Balanced Life Skills

kids-thankyouManners are so important for children to learn as in the words of Clarence Thomas, “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” When we use the good manners of saying please when making requests, or thank you when others have done a good deed toward us, we are showing that the feelings of others matter to us.

In the past year we have talked about courtesy and empathy – both of which are required for us to practice good manners. All of us have heard someone say the words “thank you”, but we did not feel the emotion of gratitude coming from their heart. As we teach our children the etiquette of using polite words, we also want to help them to imagine how others are feeling and appreciate the need to treat others how they would like to be treated.

Our goal at Balanced Life Skills is not just to be an outstanding martial arts school, but also to have students who others look at and recognize as having great manners, a positive attitude and compassion for others. If that is your goal too, you are in the right place – as we work together to help our students be those people.

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