Chinese New Year/ Wudang Workshop in Rockville

Busy week this week. My Wudang brother Ben from Australia is in town to lend his presence to upcoming events. First among these is the Chinese New Year Celebration of the Chinese Embassy in DC. Martial artists, teachers, and masters from the DC area will be sharing their art as a cultural exhibition during the party. It should be pretty neat.

What I really want to get the word out about is the workshop on Saturday in Rockville. Many of those same teachers and masters will be speaking and teaching at an event open to the public.I am going to give a short talk myself. The theme of the day, as I understand it, is examining the definition of a martial artist in the modern world. It should be interesting to hear the thoughts of this group of people on the subject.

The workshop is from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, at 9400 Key West Avenue in Rockville, MD. You can find more information on the event and registration for the event at


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