Life Skills: Citizenship is showing respect for rules

Teaching character and life skills to students

When we think about the citizens of our community, we are moved by those that are active, caring and productive. We may not see ourselves as being a special or standout as a citizen but I would like to share this with everyone about citizenship.

All of us, no matter our age or status are citizens of many different communities. In the very simplest way we are citizens of our most basic group, the family. It is here that we begin to show that we are caring for others, responsible for our part of being in this small group. This is where we learn how to help others and be accountable for our actions.

One of the ways that we can do that is by recognizing that our group, our team, our family has rules that have been accepted by all in the group. There may be a rule in our family of “No jumping on the bed!”, and so as a 5 year old if I do not jump on the bed, I am showing respect for the rules as well as for the furniture and the safety of others. As we get older we may have a rule that states that if we are leaving the house we ask permission or let others know of our intent. These rules too show respect for others and is for the safety of all involved.

If we are the leaders in the family, parents, then we have extra responsibility to demonstrate our respect for rules. Rules of driving, rules in the house and outside the home taking part in other communities. The reason is clear. Our children are learning from us by our example. Everything we do and say are seen and copied by our children.

No matter where we are, being a good citizen always begins by following the rules of our family, school, sport teams, community. Doing so keeps things safe and fair for everybody.


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