Life Skills: Courage to Get Uncomfortable

Teaching character and life skills to students

Courage is all about facing our fears and challenges with determination.  One of the biggest challenges we all face is going outside our comfort zone, trying something new or pushing past what we believe we are able to do.  It is very easy for us, especially adults, to get comfortable with what we are doing, and when faced with the opportunity to try something new – we may be intrigued – but not enough to give it full effort.

I love this quote – “The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” When we challenge ourselves we will find ourselves becoming better, more informed and more accomplished than we can even imagine.  Setting this example for our children and students is part of our responsibility to them.  We certainly do not want to see them going through life practicing mediocrity.


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  1. Very well put, Joe, and a great quote. I try to point out to my kids when I’m outside my comfort zone at work or in TKD training, and discuss the benefits of working through it courageously. Sometimes I feel like leading by example doesn’t always work, though… or maybe the example we try to set isn’t clear or obvious enough? Or perhaps our kids – if they’re in a contrarian frame of mind, as is often their wont – simply ignore or dismiss our examples? Any thoughts on dealing with this?

  2. It is almost always the case that it seems that our children do not want to hear what we are saying or are contrarian. But they do hear us and when we combine that with having that community around them – giving them a similar message – it begins to stick. We are all surprised as our children get older that they begin recalling and talking about what we have told them that had an impact.
    Bottom line – Keep talking, pointing out what we want them to learn from us, taking every opportunity in short spurts – no long boring dissertations – and they will get the message.

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