Life Skills: Health – Why We Should Avoid Processed Meats

Pancreatic cancer affects roughly 1 in 65 men and women.  Luciano Pavaraotti, Patrick Swayze, Chief Justice Ruth Ginsburg, and Steve Jobs all lost their life from pancreatic cancer.  In the last week it was reported by the “respected” Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, as saying that eating 1.8 ounces of processed meat every day — the equivalent to one sausage or two rashers of bacon — increases the risk by 19 percent, and the risk goes up if a person eats more.

In regard to the risks for pancreatic cancer smoking is one of the worst, increasing the chance of this deadly disease by 74 percent.  But even eating 100g a day of processed meat ( a small burger) increases the risk by 38% while 150g a day raises it by 57 percent.

Looking at what we eat is important for our health.  We have just completed the holiday season when many of us do not eat in our normal fashion.  But now is a good time to revisit our eating habits and make adjustments to better our health, short term and long term.


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