Life Skills: Acceptance – Expanding Our Life Experience

Teaching character and life skills to students

Have you ever noticed that it is usually the differences between one person, group, or country with another that are viewed as wrong, shortcomings or not acceptable – that create some of the biggest challenges and aggressive behavior?  It can make things very difficult to move forward, to have an understanding, and to achieving goals in a team like manner.  If I look at someone and immediately reject them and their experiences because they do not fit our idea of being like us, we may be rejecting an opportunity to expand our own knowledge and experience.

If we have a hard time being accepting we may miss out on meeting and getting to know new people, trying new things or even learning about new things.  Being able to look past the appearances may allow us to explore the individuality of someone new.  Have you ever had a conversation with someone that normally you would not be conversing with, only to find out how interesting they are, or that the two of you have some very common interests?

Everyone of us has a story.  In my experience I have found that we are more the same than we might expect.  Being able to accept someone for who they are, what they might look like and where they are in their life is one of the keys to expanding our own experiences in life.

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