Life Skills: Generosity – Make a Life By “What We Give”

Teaching character and life skills to students

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying that “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”   Most people are very aware of the needs that many have in the world we live in and that need seems to be increasing on a daily basis.  Certainly even in the past couple of years we have seen a dramatic increase of individuals and families who are living at or below the poverty level.  Unemployment and difficult times have struck so many that have never experienced those difficulties previously.

But if “we make a life by what we give”, we can ask ourselves if giving generously is something that we are in the habit of doing, or just on occaision.  How have you made “time donations” in your community?  There are so many ways to affect the lives of others, even when we do not have a lot of “treasures” to give.  What are the most fulfilling ways that you have found to do that?

Do you enjoy working on feeding the hungry locally or internationally?  Is your interest in mentoring disadvantaged students or do you enjoy working with students with special needs?  Are your interest around the environment or with protection of animals in the world?  Whatever your focus, interest or love, giving of our time is satisfying to our own soul and helps others.  In regard to our children, when they learn the joys of doing for others they are also learning about gratitude for all they have been provided with, they learn how to be generous without asking anything in return.  As the adults in their lives we have the privilege of teaching them these lessons by our word and example.

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