Life Skills: The Results of Practicing Diligence

Teaching character and life skills to students

This month we have talked about diligence and all of the positive outcomes when we practice taking our time, not rushing but doing our work carefully.  This is good advice for the school work of children, chores at home, and for adults.  With adults taking our time when we have conversations with our children – really listening, doing our work at our job and at home with care and mindfully will set a good example for our children.

In the end though practicing diligence has such a good effect on us as individuals.  I know that I feel so much better about the work that is accomplished when I am totally present for that work, taking my time, thinking the process out and finding ways to be sure that the job is complete and well done.  The same is true of our children.  Helping them to appreciate the effort that they put into being diligent, and how it paid off in a job well done will encourage them to continue to practice good effort, careful planning and preparation, and willing to double check for quality.  It will also make them proud of the work and results of doing their task with diligence.

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