Life Skills: Diligence Even With Distractions

Teaching character and life skills to students

Have you ever noticed how when you are trying to practice doing your work with diligence that things get in the way and we get distracted from our work or task?  We use the command to “FOCUS” to our children and for many of us we say it to ourselves too.

There are so many distractions that can get in the path of working with diligence, some of them from the outside and others from within.  For our children, noise, other children playing, or making funny faces is hard to resist looking at – taking our attention away from our work. We want to look at what is happening and laugh too.

What can you do if distractions are happening when you are trying to finish your work?  The 3 step plan we talked to our students about was:

  1. Ask them to stop in a kind way
  2. Ask the teacher or adult for help
  3. Ask the teacher or adult to move us

If your child is having a hard time with keeping their mind on the task at hand, practice these strategies to give them the courage to use them in their classroom.

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