National Bully Prevention Month Messages

For the next 31 days Bully Prevention Partners is placing messages on their front page discussing issues of bullying.  They will include what is bullying, why kids do not tell parents about bullying experiences, examining the effects on the bully, the victim and those that witness the behavior.

Along with all of this some of our students will be making presentations in their classroom to raise awareness and we will be encouraging everyone to take the Stop Bullying Now Pledge that will soon be on the Bully Prevention Partners website.  Please join with all of us who are interested to raise the awareness and to let our children and others know that we want to continue to cultivate the culture of peace in our schools.

Look for our announcement of Bully Prevention Seminars for students on October 21 with follow up seminars on a monthly basis for the rest of the school year.  Lets work together to Stop Bully Now.

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