Life Skills: Confidence Raises Self Esteem

When you think of confidence what people, words or images come to your mind?  I see a person with a smile who is working on something that they know they do very well.   I have watched my wife working in the kitchen preparing a meal, with what seems to be a thousand things happening at the same time and in the end the meal is perfect and served together.  She does it with an easy concentration and with confidence of the outcome.

When you are confident you have a special energy about yourself, you are not easily distracted from the task at hand and if an obstacle does come up, you deal with it without being flustered by the challenge.  Since we cannot be confident in everything that we have to do in a day sometimes we have to put on the face of confidence, we must have the “I Can, I Will” attitude.  How do we accomplish that?

We start with our physical self first.  Our body will stand straight and tall, look others in the eyes and walk in a manner that looks like we know where we are going and that we will not be stopped, with a strong assertive voice. Do you recognize how these qualities would help us, lets say, if we were being picked on constantly by someone or a group of individuals?

These are the first steps in standing up for ourselves no matter what our age might be.  Just gaining the physiological posture will help us in our brain and how we feel about ourselves.  Learning and practicing speaking with assertiveness is the next step followed by the right words to say.

While low self esteem is one of the 6 most dangerous trends facing our children today, learning to be confident in just one area will do much to overcome this issue.  On this blog I will soon be covering all of the dangerous trends facing our children in more detail, but in the mean time, be assured that demonstrating confidence will change what you are able to accomplish in your life.

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