How to build the confidence in our children

A series of post's on leadership in the familyIf you are the leader of a team you probably already know that there are 3 things that have a positive affect on those you are leading.  First if you give them attention,  affirmation and appreciation.  Doing those three things will result in your team responding in a positive manner.

The same is true with our children.  They need our attention and not just when they have done something that is against our rules.  They need for us to give them some undivided attention, showing them their value to us.  Then they need affirmation.  This step of affirming their worth and value, affirming what they are doing that meets the values of our family and catching them doing the right thing is so important to building their confidence.  Finally they need to know they are appreciated.  Appreciation is something that all of us like to feel from those that we love.  This appreciation or gratitude for being who we are and for being a part of this family will also go a long way in building the esteem of our children.

So there we have it.  If we want our children to respond positively to our love and discipline give them our attention, affirmation, and appreciation and they will do so.

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