Fairness: Losing and winning with good attitude

Some things are going to be equal and everyone should get the same amount, and other times things will be different and yet still fair.  Sometimes though fairness is determined by factors that we have a certain amount of control over.

If we are attempting to be a part of a team and there are limited positions on the team there will be choices made.  Who is chosen for the team may be based on factors like, talent, effort, desire, time commitment, or even attitude.  These would all be fair comparisons.  Those comparisons are one’s that we do have control over how much effort and time we put into an activity.

There will be times though that when all other factors are comparable it may come down to relationships.  This can seem to be very unfair, if we are on the losing side.  But even our children must learn that not everything is going to go there way and that even when things do not seem to be fair, we must maintain a good attitude and not demonstrate bad character if we do lose out on something that we really wanted.

Parents can help with this by demonstrating a caring  and understanding attitude for their child and not react in a vindictive manner.  Remember our child is watching us in everything we say and do and will imitate our actions later.

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